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You're a Gift Challenge


BYM’s “You’re a Gift” Christmas Challenge

Showing generosity and kindness this Christmas has never been easier!

The You’re a Gift Challenge is all about random and contagious acts of kindness. Baptist Youth Mministries are partnering with Life FM and other denominations to create a viral social media sensation of hope and generosity this December.

And it’s incredibly simple:

1.  Youth groups, families and church small groups hand a “You’re a gift” Christmas card to anyone in their local neighbourhood and community. Simply smile and say “Merry Christmas”

2.  Inside the card is printed John 3:16, a space to include an invitation to your church’s Christmas events, and a simple gift of $5 (or coffee voucher, etc.).

3.  Simply have a friend video your gift giving in any public space (ie. not in malls) with your phone

4.  Upload your video on your social media, tag your church and Life FM, and challenge another to do the same (by video or in your Facebook post).

Life FM will then share these stories on air all throughout December.

So here’s what to do:

a.  Decide what days or week you want to bless your local neighbourhoods.

b.  Download the “You’re a Gift” Christmas Cards to print and use for your own church.

c.  Print your church’s Christmas events invite on a sticky label and insert it on the card, or directly print your information onto the downloaded .pdf (see point b above).

d.  Show the promotion video in your church, and then have people in your church decide how many cards and gifts they each want to give.

This Christmas watch your teens, families and church experience that it truly is more blessed to give than receive.

For any questions or comments, contact Brian


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