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Baptist Women New Zealand

Baptist Women as a nationally appointed board, has the express aim to address women’s issues within the Baptist Churches of New Zealand.

  • We will be a steadfast voice for Baptist women.

  • We will speak into the Baptist Union, churches and individuals—both men and women.

  • We have a vital role inspiring, envisioning, and empowering through modelling, mentoring and coaching.

  • We promote spiritual life and growth in ALL women, based on scripture and prayer.

  • We support and empower women to be co-workers with Christ in the Kingdom of God, locally and overseas.

Baptist Women New Zealand is also a member of the Baptist World Alliance Women’s Department and specifically is involved with the Union of the South West Pacific. This group connects us with Baptist women around the Pacific and the World. Through the BWA we can have input at the UN and in 2019 we actively participated in the Commission on the Status of Women.

Locally we are members of the National Council of Women, which had Christian roots and even now, when it has become known for its secular stance, we still have the opportunity to contribute a Christian voice amongst the diverse range of other voices it now serves, to represent our views and influence its direction. We have the opportunity to comment on government policy initiatives and women’s issues in Aotearoa New Zealand through the council’s policy submission and advocacy roles.

Within the local Baptist church we seek to support the work of women in all areas of their ministry and life.

Check out the Baptist Women New Zealand website.

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Contact Baptist Women New Zealand

Chris Beales-White

Co-Chair of Women's Board

E: [email protected]

Heather Ameye-Bevers

Co-Chair of Women's Board

E: [email protected]



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