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The Tindall Foundation

The Tindall Foundation Round 1, 2022, Grant closing date The first Tindall funding round for 2022 closes on 28 January so we encourage you to submit your applications for any applicable community projects.

This may be the first time you have heard about this funding source, so here are two links with detailed information regarding eligibility and processes which can also be found on the Baptist website under ‘Administration’:

As part of our resources to the churches we have written a complete guide to assist you in making application for funding. This does not apply to funding applications made to Tindall or ASB Community Trust. A Guide to Funding Applications 

Tindall Foundation Funding
Baptist National Centre is a Funding Manager for the Tindall Foundation. On behalf of the Tindall Foundation, the National Centre disburses donations directly to Baptist churches and trusts, in the programme area of ‘Supporting Families and Social Services’.
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A recently completed project was through The Family Space Charitable Trust (Gateway Baptist Church Miramar). They are a community hub based in Miramar where parents and children in the Eastern Suburbs of Wellington are supported and strengthened by the wider ‘family’ to maintain a positive level of wellness. They provide playgroups, parenting resources, courses, seminars and clothes swaps to enable families in the Southern suburbs to do their job well, knowing that healthy families are important for growing healthy children.

At the beginning of 2021, The Family Space applied to the Tindall Foundation to purchase & install matting for their toddler play area ensuring it is a safe and enriching physical environment for the families who attend The Family Space programmes. With the generous support of Tindall as well as some funding from other grants, this play area is now complete.

One Mum notes ‘I've been bringing my three children to Family Space on a weekly basis since they were born. Over the five years that we've been attending, the indoor and outdoor play spaces have been beautifully developed, offering more spaces for the children and their carers to play. It's so nice to be able to go to Family Space and know that my children can play safely and happily in a self-directed manner, without needing to be constantly supervised. The development of the space to date has definitely enhanced the options that the children have, as well as contributing to the overall warmth and interest of Family Space as a whole. I always look forward to taking my children to Family Space, both for their enjoyment as well as my own!

Please complete and submit your application form electronically to: [email protected]

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