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Baptist Hanmer Retreat 2022

Holy Spirit Retreat
Tuesday 3rd to Thursday 5th May 2022
Hanmer Springs, North Canterbury

This is an invitation to set aside some time for yourself and your leadership teams to come and seek God, soak in the Holy Spirit, and receive a new perspective and fresh touch from God during 2022.

Baptist Hanmer Retreat is over three days and is a time of seeking God through worship, prayer, fasting, and prophecy. Each year as we have gathered the Holy Spirit has powerfully turned up and ministered among us. 

It was a God planted dream in Maurice Atkinson's heart. It began about 2008. Prior to this time, Canterbury region had run several annual conferences, with an emphasis on teaching and we felt insufficient emphasis was placed upon the Holy Spirit's ministry to pastors who came broken and despondent and left broken and despondent, only having their minds well fed.

Maurice gathered together several like spirited pastors to organise the first retreat, using a house in Hanmer with a large lounge. Hanmer Springs was chosen as the hot pools and Rehabilitation Centre had always been marked as a place of refreshment, rejuvenation, and new beginnings. As we continued to meet yearly, we sensed that this place had been set apart and what had been happening naturally, God by his Holy Spirit wanted to do spiritually.

The first year twenty-five leaders came and were amazed at what happened. The Holy Spirit fell upon us from the first night, edification, exhortation and encouragement flowed. Tiredness, fatigue and burdens were exposed and lifted. One pastor said "I came to give God one last opportunity and if he didn't come through I was going home to resign and move out of ministry." This man and his wife were powerfully touched and filled... 15 years later they are still in ministry. Every year we hear similar testimony.

From our early beginnings meeting in a house lounge, then moving to the Presbyterian church hall, followed by the Rugby Club rooms for many years and now to a brand new Amuri Retreat/wedding venue overlooking the Amuri valley and beyond to the majestic mountains, we can see God's hand powerfully upon this Retreat. Numbers have grown over the years from 25 to around 220 and we have restricted attendance to Baptist pastors and leaders. Hanmer is for the Baptist movement.

It is for us, ministering to us... in the power of the Spirit.

This retreat is for Baptist pastors, elders and ministry leaders only. Keep a look out for registration details.

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