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LEAD is all about you, the leader, and we want to give plenty of opportunity for you to explore what is being discussed so our format has changed a little. From large group teaching to smaller table conversations and breakout sessions there is something for everyone.

Table conversations

Baptists celebrate the fact that God works through all people. We get excited about the words of Jesus that, “where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” This is how we determine who we are, our purpose and how we serve – being together, listening for the voice of Jesus.

LEAD 2019 will have plenty of time for Table Conversation. Opportunities to talk with one another and interact with our National Leader in both small and large group settings. Our conversations will be fuelled by comments from Cameron Jones (Village Baptist), Sarah Rice (Papanui Baptist), Reti Ah-Voa (Mangere Bridge Baptist), Rachel Renata (Hutt City Baptist), Sam Schuurman (Kumeu Baptist), Melanie Keith (Northpoint Baptist), Ken Kyte (Baptist Tabernacle), Jane Cong Ye (Oxford Terrace Baptist), and Ingrid Shaw (Atawhai Community).

LEAD is an opportunity to be part of the conversation and help shape the future.

Learn new skills

The Baptist National Centre exists to serve you. At LEAD 2019 there will be opportunity to learn new skills from our ministry and mission heads.
Interactive seminars include:

  • Family, work and gender – what’s changing and how we can shape our message and activities to engage with our neighbours.

  • Young people – understanding their world and pressures, and how can we create an environment for them to thrive emotionally and spiritually.

  • Understanding the world of the vulnerable and disadvantaged in our neighbourhoods. How can we engage with them in a positive way?

  • Living biculturally – what can we learn from our Treaty partners? 

  • Aren’t we a Christian country anymore? Understanding other faiths and how we live together in our neighbourhood. What can we learn from Christchurch?

  • Living in the wider world – International trends – nationalism, refugee movements and border protection, aid and development. What do we need to know and how does it impact us?

LEAD is an opportunity to learn new skills for leadership.

Tuesday evening

Together or Autonomous?

What does it really mean to be Baptist? A Baptist leader? A Baptist church? Are we autonomous or covenanted? Independent or interdependent? Are we leader-led or congregationally governed? Hierarchical or a free-for-all? Charles Hewlett will be hosting a panel discussion with John Tucker (Principal – Carey Baptist College), Debbie Riach (Chair – Canterbury Westland Association), Josie Te Kahu (Palmerston North Central Baptist), and Colin Gruetzmacher (Pastor – Golden Sands Baptist). What does it mean to be Baptists together?

LEAD is an opportunity to help us clarify who we are.

Book celebration

LEAD 2019 is excited to promote a new publication by Martyn Norrie entitled, Good Governance is Worth the Effort: A Handbook for Christian Charities and Churches in Aotearoa. Martyn has had a lengthy involvement with not-for-profits being actively involved on several boards (including Parachute, Carey Baptist College, Arrow, and Wilberforce Trust) and also assisting organisations and churches in governance, planning and growing their leadership capability. Charles will be interviewing Martyn about the local church and what makes good governance.

LEAD is an opportunity to learn from experienced practitioners.




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