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Our National Ministries

The Baptist Churches of New Zealand are committed to encouraging, supporting and resourcing the Baptist churches, and the wider Christian church family in New Zealand, in all areas of ministry.

Our ministry team leaders have experience and expertise in their area of ministry. They are passionate about helping both paid and volunteer workers to excel in their local church and its community.

Resources offered by Baptist National Ministries and their team leaders include:

  1. Mentoring and coaching

  2. Cluster groups

  3. Specific leadership training and events

  4. Specific community events

  5. Practical information and advice

  6. Mission opportunities in New Zealand and overseas.


Baptist Administration


Our administration and accounting staff team are dedicated to help resource churches so they can better fulfil their mission in their local communities.
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Children & Family Ministries

Children & Family Ministries

Helping churches to encourage and grow the faith of children and their families.
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Multicultural Inclusion Ministries

Multicultural Inclusion Ministries

Supporting ethnic & multicultural church initiatives amongst New Zealand Baptist Churches.
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Maori Ministries

Manatū Iriiri Māori

Encouraging and influencing all Māori to a lifelong devotion to Jesus.
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Youth Ministries

Youth Ministries

BYM exists to resource local Baptist Churches, Youth Pastors and Youth Leaders for effective Youth ministry (Intermediates to High School).
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Baptist Women NZ

Women New Zealand

Baptist Women as a nationally appointed board, has the express aim to address women’s issues within the Baptist Churches of New Zealand. 

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National Centre

Providing resources, advice and administration support for Baptist pastors and churches.
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Carey Baptist College

Delivering quality theological training to Christians of all denominations wanting to explore their faith.
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Overseas Mission

Helping New Zealand Baptists to answer the physical and spiritual needs of our world.
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Christian Savings

Supporting Baptist churches and ministry through the provision of finance for over 50 years.
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Postal Address
National Centre, PO Box 12 149,
Penrose, Auckland 1642

Physical Address
473 Great South Road, Penrose, Auckland


Phone: (09) 526 0333

Email: [email protected]


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