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Becoming a Christian

Christians are people who believe in Jesus Christ, and who have committed themselves to following him and his teachings.  They are, if you like, Jesus’ representatives on Earth today.

We believe Jesus is God's Son, and that he came to our planet so we could see what God is like. We believe the life of Jesus on Earth is an example for us all and that his death paves the way to reconciliation with God and brings us into God's family.

We were made to live as friends of God, pleasing him by doing what he wants and remembering that what he wants is always in our best interests too. We need reconciling because, instead of doing what he wants, our inclination is to live self-centred lives.

How do I become a Christian?
God is calling you to him.  Whatever your life is like right now, he wants to offer you forgiveness and reconciliation; we call this salvation.  There is nothing we can do to earn this reconciliation.  God offers it to us for free; we call this grace. God asks us to put our trust in Him, and to believe that through Jesus we can be forgiven, given a clean slate, and have a whole new start; we call that forgiveness of sin.

If you would like to become a Christian you can do it now by talking to God—we call that prayer. The exact words you use don't matter.  You could say something like this:
"God, here I am, and I could use a new beginning. I know that I haven't been living to please you, but I want to now. Thank you for sending Jesus into our world to die for me. I trust him to forgive me. I now want to give him first place in my life and to live for him."

Talking to God like that can be very powerful.  When done sincerely, it makes you a son or daughter of God; we call that a Christian (a Christ-follower). Of course this is just the beginning, as a new Christian you need to grow. The best way to do that is to get in touch with other Christians. Click here to find a church near to you. 

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