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  • 1. What could I leave in my Will?

  • The amount of money you leave in your Will is entirely your decision.  However, most people choose to do one of the following:

  • leave a specific amount of money

  • leave a nominated percentage of money, or

  • leave a specific gift like property or valuable possessions.

2. How do I arrange to leave a bequest in my Will?
Your solicitor will help you do this. All you need to do is to state clearly:

  • what you would like to give, and

  • who you would like the gift to go to.

 To leave a legacy to the Baptist Union of New Zealand, your Will needs to state that clearly – The Baptist Union of New Zealand.

Your solicitor will make sure that this is recorded and witnessed accordingly.

Please note, if you already have a Will and would like to alter it to include the Baptist Union of New Zealand in it, speak to your solicitor.  They will add a codicil (an amendment) to it. They will then get this amendment witnessed and arrange for you to sign it.

As you prepare to make or update your Will we highly recommend seeking qualified legal advice. You can consult a solicitor, the Public Trust Office or a trustee company such as Guardian Trust.

3. What kind of impact will my gift have?
Leaving a gift in your Will to the Baptist Union of New Zealand will, no matter what the amount, help encourage and support Baptist Churches throughout New Zealand to achieve their goals to impact the communities they are a part of.

For further information on leaving a legacy please contact Fiona directly

Fiona Maisey

Office Administrator - National Centre

E: [email protected]
P: +64 9 526 7956






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