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Liberty helps unleash God’s healing power

“Kingdom Come is part of our commitment to seeing the Kingdom of God manifest in a very practical way. People talk about healing but often make it mystical, spooky and even offensive in lots of cases. We are committed to demystifying it and making it a very prac­tical thing,” says Liberty’s pastor Trent Hodson.

Liberty is committed to seeing all members of the Body of Christ equipped to release God’s healing, not just church leaders. To aid in that, the church has its own healing and prayer rooms along with “Kingdom on the Streets” where every Friday night church members go out into the streets and pray for people they come across who may have an obvious injury, talk about Jesus, or give a word of knowledge.

“It’s activating Christianity and encouraging people to take the Kingdom back into the work place and home in a natural way. That’s why we did the conference,” says Trent.

The 900 attendees – including about 150 pastors – came from Kaitaia to Invercargill, several from Australia and some from the Pacific Islands. A pastors’ evening had about 90 pastors attending ffrom 52 churches ¬– including Vineyard, Anglican, Presbyterian, independent, Elim, apostolic, and of course, Baptist.

The conference had two guest speakers – American Randy Clark and Kiwi Chris Gore.

It was Randy Clark who, as an unknown pastor from St Louis, walked into a small church near the Toronto airport in 1994 and triggered what has come to be known as the Toronto Blessing. He is currently studying for a doctorate at United Theological Seminary. As part of that doctorate he set up a group of medical specialists to investigate and document healing and has now had this study published in medical journals.

Chris Gore works at Bethel Church in Redding, California, as Director of Healing Ministries His heart is to see the supernatural become natural to every believer and has witnessed many healing miracles.

“Their message to the conference was that God is good, which is the real key to our theology. God does actually want to heal. He wants to heal more than what we want him to and it’s not as hard as we think it is. If we position ourselves, then Jesus has given us power and authority to heal,” says Trent.

“For example, several weeks ago a guy came into our church who had been a Christian for only about two months. He came in on crutches. He plays for a senior South Auckland league team and had ripped his hamstring. He was due for an operation in a few days. He came up for prayer after the service, two of our ladies prayed for him. They are not on staff, just two members of our congregation. He got completely healed and walked out with his crutches over his shoulder and then cancelled the operation. Several weeks later he’s still walking just fine.”

The aim of the Kingdom Come conference was to give practical help on showing those attending how to release God’s power of healing.

“If you are going to have ministry in the streets or in the workplace you have to be sharp because you are only going to hold, a person’s attention briefly. There isn’t time for a whole lot of Christian kerfuffle. We train people to be quick, succinct and open. Nowhere near everyone gets healed, but everyone if grateful when you pray for them. If you don’t make it weird people are very open to that. That’s what we train our people, to do.

“We really want to activate healing. We even encourage our children to lay hands on the sick and to prophesy, from 5 years old up. We believe that with prophecy God only has good things to say.”

More conferences and events are scheduled at Liberty Christian Church. The next big event will be the annual She Who Overcomes for women on October 11-12. The Liberty auditorium will be transformed into various areas where women can enjoy an encounter with God through various activities. This is not a conference in that there are no speakers and no agenda, just the opportunity for the women attending to walk into God’s presence and hear his voice.

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