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Trail trees mark Gospel bicentenary

Paeroa PicThe combined churches of Paeroa have been making the most of the bicentenary of the first recorded Christian service in Aotearoa New Zealand this year. 

We’ve trained our people to be able to communicate the Gospel using the “Becoming a Contagious Christian” course from Willow Creek. We’ve run six half page articles in the local newspaper over six weeks explaining aspects of the Gospel and its impact over 200 years. We made and gave out Hot Cross Buns and invitations at Easter. We put extra effort into promoting Jules Riding on his recent tour.

The latest part of our celebration is giving 200 trees to Paeroa to commemorate the 200 years. We planted 77 natives one week to form a picnic area beside the rail trail in Paeroa. Then we planted the rest, a mix of exotic trees and fruit trees, alongside the rail trail where they will provide fruit for cyclists and the nearby Marae and colour in the Autumn. 

The trees represent the two cultures that partnered in the introduction of the Gospel and the fruit trees are a reminder of the nutritional and economic effect of new crops that were introduced.

Once the trees are planted we will place story boards with them to explain the gift of the trees, their significance and a bit about the Gospel.

Later in the year we have organised for Keith Newman to come and speak at a public meeting.

This has been an exciting year for us and one that we will look back on with joy. We’re praying that God will bring fruit from it, both here and through the nation.


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