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Brian Kenning is new President

Brian Kenning is new President

Brian Kenning, pastor at Invercargill Central, is President of the Baptist Union of NZ and NZ Baptist Missionary Society for 2014.

He introduced himself to Gathering delegates by quoting from a new Bible translation, The Voice: "Here I am a grace-made man privileged to be an echo of His voice and a preacher to all nations of the riches of the Annointed One." (Ephesians 3:8 ) 

"After 40 years of ministry I have a reasonable idea of who I am and who I am not, what I can do and what Iím not gifted to do, what personality allows me to be and not be. What I have to offer to local churches and this movement of churches, is offered by the grace of God," said Brian.

"I am a grace-filled man. Iím also an echo of his voice ñ a delightful description of what it means to be a Christian minister, especially those of us who have had, in our responsibilities and our call, the privilege of preaching and teaching...

"As Godís people in Aotearoa New Zealand we live in challenging times, but as we know, with challenge comes opportunity. If I can be an echo of His voice in the year that lies ahead and a vehicle of his grace in this year of presidency, then may it be so."

"The desire is to help God's people see how they fit into the big story of God's purposes for His wonderful but broken creation. Where do we fit into the big purposes of God as individuals and churches? That's what I would like to talk about if I'm speaking at your church. But I'm just as happy to do coffee or hang out in an informal setting also, to talk about life, faith and ministry."

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