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Worldview, Biblical interpretation and a Maori way
The way we see the world is the way we interpret the Bible. A lot of Biblical interpretation is established on Western philosophy and misses its scriptural Hebrew roots. A Maori worldview is more similar to the Hebrew and provides for us helpful ways of interpreting scripture and therefore provides better application of our faith in creation.

| Jay Lucas (Huia Ministries) 

Biblical perspective on finance:
Challenging some of the woolly thinking about money

| Craig Vernall (Bethlehem Baptist Senior Pastor)


Exploring Kingdom ministry and culture where God comes in power
This is a seminar for those who are interested in seeing and experiencing more of the work of the Holy Spirit in their church. When Jesus was on earth he proclaimed that the Kingdom of God was at hand. The Holy Spirit, through his work in the church, gives us glimpses of the Kingdom through the transformation of lives and other manifestations of supernatural power. But this is not always our experience in our churches.
This is not a seminar for “experts”. It is for those who have a desire for more of this, or may even be frustrated about a lack. If you would like some practical guidelines about a way forward this seminar is for you. We will share our experiences and learn from one another.

| Murray Cottle (Northern Association Coach)


The challenges of leadership and navigating the multi-cultural church: 

New Zealand society now has immense cultural diversity - for example, Auckland has more different ethnic groups than London and New York City, and more people born overseas than any other city on the world except for Toronto and Dubai! This is seen elsewhere in NZ as well- the recent Hui in Dunedin recognized that cultural diversity all over the South Island, as 4 ethnic & migrant ministries were highlighted on the Friday night session. Pastors and key church leaders will need a different set of skills to effectively engage in mission to our communities. How do I improve my own “cultural intelligence”? How do I/we discover and assess what it will take to transition to a more culturally diverse church in my/our neighbourhood? 

| Steve Davis (Multi-cultural Ministries Team Leader)


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