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Leadership Network

A Baptist initiative, the Leadership Network aims to be a catalyst for the encouragement of pastors, elders and other church leaders in the development of effective missional churches throughout New Zealand.

The Leadership Network is for all denominations and is available to come alongside existing churches or groups of churches in a particular region, offering mentoring support and encouragement.  This support is occasionally through ongoing relationships, but usually involves church visits, conferences or seminars. In this way the Network complements the many institutional courses offered by a variety of providers throughout the country.

Resources offered by the Leadership Network include:

  • Small group mentoring opportunities for pastors

  • Services for Elders groups and church leadership groups

  • Leadership forums for church staff

  • 2-3 day pastors’ conferences

  • Visits to individual congregations

  • Input on the challenges of multi-ethnic ministry

  • Insights on the challenges of team ministry

  • Visiting speakers for conferences,

  • Other leadership support and encouragement by request.

The leadership team is made up of:

  • Murray Robertson

  • Rodney Macann

  • Martyn Norrie

  • Gary Colville

  • David Allen

Visit the Leadership Network website

Contact our Leadership Network Team

Murray Robertson

Leadership Network Contact Person

E: [email protected]
P: +64 3 942 3577


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