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Our Leaders



Craig Vernall

National Leader

P: +64 9 526 0339

Jim Patrick

Vice President

P: +64 03 443 8961

Ben Wakefield


P: +64 27 537 5532

Regional Missional Leaders

David Costar

Regional Mission Leader Top of the South

P: 027-824 6815

Mike Walker

Regional Mission Leader - Waikato

P: +64 7 843 5950

Paul Edlin

Regional Mission Leader Wellington

P: +64 4 564 7022

David McChesney

Regional Mission Leader - Bay of Plenty Eastland

P: +64 22 095 0515

Derek Pyle

Regional Mission Leader Otago Southland

P: +64 21 280 5817

Maurice Atkinson

Regional Missional Leader Canterbury - Westland

P: +64 27 232 7353

Ministry Heads

Karen Warner

Children and Family Ministries Team Leader

P: +64 9 526 7958

Ruby Duncan

Community Ministries Team Leader

P: +64 9 526 7956

Steve Davis

Ethnic Ministries Team Leader / Coach

P: +64 22 183 2364

David Moko

Kaihautu – Manatū Iriiri Māori

P: +64 9 526 7952

Daniel Palmer

National Administrator

P: +64 9 526 0337

Gary Grut

BYM National Team Leader

P: +64 9 526 7950

Assembly Council

Assembly Council acts in a governance role and is responsible for establishing policies and practices consistent with both the determinations of the annual Assembly of the churches and in between Assembly, for the wellbeing of the movement.  Its responsibility extends to ensuring that the National Leadership and the National Resource Centre implement effective management procedures.

Assembly Council comprises the President, the Vice President, eight members elected by Assembly, the National Leader, National Administrator,  and a representative from the Council of NZ Baptist Missionary Society  and up to three co-opted members. 

Current members: John Douglas (President), Ben Wakefield (Vice-President), Craig Vernall (National Leader), Daniel Palmer (National Administrator), Greg Knowles (NZBMS rep)

  • John Alpe

  • Blue Bradley

  • Brigitte Crowe

  • Ken Edkins

  • Peter Foster

  • Raewyn Moodie

  • Rob Stacey

  • Mike Warring

Co-opted Member

  • Melanie Wilson

Baptist Assembly

Baptist Assembly is the annual gathering of representatives and which elects the three governance bodies:

  • Assembly Council - Life and work of Union itself

  • Baptist College Board - Carey Baptist College

  • Mission Council -  NZ Baptist Missionary Society

Assembly also appoints the three senior staff members who manage each of the above entities:

  • National Leader

  • Carey Baptist College Principal

  • NZ Baptist Missionary Society Director 

According to agreed strategic directions and according to the specific purposes for which the particular President with his/her own gifts and experience has been appointed, the President contributes to the work and witness of the denomination at all levels.

This contribution may be in the contexts of local churches, regional Associations, Assembly Council, Mission Council, other BU bodies, etc. Wider opportunities may include interdenominational, national and international.  These opportunities may come in a variety of forms, and may include anything from dispute resolution to ceremonial functions.



Postal Address
National Resource Centre, PO Box 12 149,
Penrose, Auckland 1642

Physical Address
473 Great South Road, Penrose, Auckland


Phone: (09) 526 0333



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