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You may bring as many people as you like to the Baptist Hui, however, the following details from the Constitution of the Baptist Union will give you the basis of the number of official voting delegates your church may send to the assembly.

Note: These rules apply to official voting delegates

Each constituent church may appoint its minister and two members as official voting delegates to the annual Baptist Hui. Churches having more than 100 members may appoint one additional voting delegate for every complete 50 members in excess of 100 up to 250, and thereafter one additional voting delegate for every complete 100 members.

Numbers of official voting delegates from churches allowed at Assembly:

Up to 149 members   >  1 minister 2 delegates
150 to 199 members  >  1 minister 3 delegates
200 to 249 members  >  1 minister 4 delegates
250 to 349 members  >  1 minister 5 delegates
350 to 449 members  >  1 minister 6 delegates
450 to 549 members  >  1 minister 7 delegates

Baptist Fellowships may send two official non-voting representatives. However, registered ministers are able to vote as of right.

Other voting delegates:

  1. The Officers of the Union and NZBMS together with Senior Executive Staff.

  2. Missionaries of the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society.

  3. Persons appointed by Assembly or appointed/ratified by the Assembly Council to official positions in the Union.

  4. Chairpersons of all officially appointed Committees, Boards and Trusts of the Union.

The following have full powers of participation and of voting except in regard to matters affecting the constitution and Rules of the Union:

  1. The members of the Assembly Council and the Mission Council for the past year.

  2. Accredited ministers who are out of pastoral charge or not in active service.

  3. Missionaries of the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society who have retired after not less than ten years active service and who are present in person at Assembly.

  4. The Editor of the NZ Baptist Magazine.

Each fellowship which is officially recognised by the Baptist Union may appoint two observers, without speaking or voting rights.



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