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Welcome to the 2014 Baptist Assembly!

What a unique privilege our generation has been given with the opportunity to celebrate 200 years of the Gospel in Aotearoa New Zealand. This year we call you to Waitangi, the birth place of our nation. During our time together at the 2014 Gathering, we will remember the stories and sacrifices of those who have travelled to and around our lands sharing the hope of Jesus Christ. 

Our Gathering theme this year is "Te Karanga ki Tua" - The Call to the Future. Two hundred years since Rev. Samuel Marsden preached that first gospel message on Christmas Day we have the chance to recapture the evangelistic zeal and pioneering spirit that brought the Good News to Oihi Bay.

Our prayer is that you'll bring friends, family and members of your congregation to this very special Gathering. We're really excited about what God will reveal to us and inspire us with as we look towards another 200 years of the Gospel in Aotearoa New Zealand.

— Craig Vernall (National Leader) and Rachel Murray (NZBMS General Director)

The Gathering 2014

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Gospel Bicentenary Resources

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The countdown is on for the Gathering 2014 and we are encouraged to see so many registrations for this year's event! So we want to give you regular updates and reminders as we come closer to the event. 

Firstly, a reminder that the Earlybird Cut off closes at 5.00 pm this Friday, 17 October.  That means that even if you have registered, but have not paid, you will be charged an extra $40 after this date.

The FINAL cut off for registration will be Friday, 31 October at 5 pm.  NO REGISTRATIONS OF ANY KIND will be received after this date.

Secondly, a change to the programme for the Gathering.  We will be adding in an extra session with our guest speaker Canon Phil Potter from the UK, on the Friday 14 November at 4.00 pm.  This will reduce your free time on the Friday afternoon but we are excited about what he will be sharing.  His sessions will be:

1. A new kind of church
Many of our churches have gradually been losing hope and losing the plot as our world has increasingly and ever more rapidly changed. Beginning with a brief look at how those changes have impacted the Church, we will hear of a new kind of church that is engaging with our communities in new ways, whilst retaining the richness of our inherited traditions -  churches of ordinary people beginning to do extraordinary things.

2. A new kind of leader
Our churches will never be released in mission until we learn what it means to release every member in ministry, out in the world and in keeping with the shape God has made them. Here, we will look at the kind of missional leaders that we need to identify, who and where they are, and how we can release them in mission. We will also unpack what it means to change our very mindset for the missional challenges we face.

3. A new heart for a new future
When things go wrong in the Church, we often scramble for the latest solutions to try and fix the problem. The truth however is the truth that Jesus taught, that "the heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart". In this session, we will try and take an honest look at our church's heart, and look at some of the basic tools that are needed in order to renew the Church for mission.

If there is anything else you would like to know, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Looking forward to seeing you there.  Keep praying for good weather!!


Contact our Baptist Union Office for any enquiries on the Gathering

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