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Gifts for Local Mission

Gifts for Local Mission is a new way to contribute to the valuable local mission and ministry work that occurs every day throughout the Baptist community.

Simply by choosing a gift from the catalogue below you are helping a person, church or community. You receive a card to send to your friend or family member telling them about their very generous and worthwhile gift, and your donation goes to the relevant ministry or mission area.

Gifts start from $5 and range from sponsoring a child to attend a holiday programme to planting a church! Every gift helps to support the ministry and mission of the Baptist community in New Zealand, and blesses the lives of others.

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How It Works

How it Works

Find out more about how Gifts for Local Mission works, who benefits and answers to commonly asked questions. 
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Gift Catalogue

Gift Catalogue

Gifts for Local Mission is a way of providing great gifts for family and friends all year around and contributing to our local mission work. 
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Ordering Gifts

Two Ways to Order Gifts

You can purchase gifts either online or by filling in an order form and posting or faxing to us.  
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